The MSU cycling club is largely a social club. We also race, organize fun rides, learn bike maintenance, and have social events such as meetings and cook outs. The club is proud to be a part of the MSU Gran Fondo to raise awareness for skin cancer. The club has recreational and fitness rides throughout the year. We seek to expand cycling and improve the cycling community. The MSU Cycling Club does road, mountain, Cyclocross and recreational rides. We are active throughout the year so join at any time. The club offers discounts on apparel, equipment, and travel. We host a spring break trip which is discounted and affordable as well. In addition, if you do not have a bike the club has several club bikes to use. In addition to riding recreationally, the club is open to any and all types of racing, such as road, mountain and cyclocross, as long as it is on a bicycle! Racing is a great way to take a passion for cycling to the next level. Collegiate racing is one of the most affordable, with a $15 limit on entry fees, and fun ways to race. In every category, riders are welcomed with open arms from people who have never raced to experienced racers. Collegiate racing is a great way to get into racing because it is cost effective, developmental in nature and the club provides resources for travel, training, equipment, and tactics. Between all the current members, almost all disciplines have been raced, you will not be alone!